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MOSS Assay Reagents
Moss LX Assay Reagents and Buffers
MOSS Assay Reagents
MOSS Assay Reagents

Moss LX Assay Buffers are optimized sample and conjugate dilution buffers for Luminex┬« and other multiplexed assay systems.  Buffers are manufactured at large scale under an ISO9001:2015 quality system.  These ready-to-use Assay Buffers are offered in standard packaging but are also available in custom formulations and configurations.

  • Buffer formulations are optimized for Luminex┬« and other multiplexed assay systems.
  • All buffers contain 0.05% sodium azide and are 0.2 mm filtered.
  • Inert dyes can be added to create custom colored buffers that facilitate reagent identification and visualization in assay wells.  

LXAB1 - LX Assay Buffer I
LXAB2 - LX Assay Buffer II
LXDBP - LX Dilution Buffer PS
LXAB1G - LX Assay Buffer I + 0.5% Goat IgG
LXHGF - LX Detection Reagent HG

For additional details on our new Assay Buffers, or for custom sizes, contact us here.
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Fax: (410) 768-3971
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Moss, Inc.
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(410) 768-3442
Fax: (410) 768-3971
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