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This is an excellent substrate for phosphatase based ELISA assays. It produces a soluble end product which is yellow in color and read at 405 nm to 410 nm. Both kinetic and end point determinations can be performed. This product is buffered in DEA.


  • 30 Month Stability
  • 15-30 Minute Read Time
  • Non-Toxic
  • Single Component in DEA buffer
Catalog #Description
NPPD-100100 mL p-NPP substrate for AP
NPPD-500500 mL p-NPP substrate for AP
NPPD-10001000 mL p-NPP substrate for AP
NPPDD-10001000 mL p-NPP substrate diluent
MOSS provides bulk manufacturing and bottling services ranging from 15mL to 2000 liters.
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