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The MOSS enhanced chemiluminescent substrate is a highly sensitive two-component reagent for the quantitative detection of HRP bound to a solid phase or in free solution. The substrate is stable at room temperature for six months, or for up to 36 months when refrigerated. An optional diluent is available that can be used to adjust the signal strength to a level consistent with the specific sensitivity and dynamic range requirements of a particular assay.


  • 36 Month Stability
  • 10-30 Minute Read Time
  • Non-Toxic
  • Two components:
    • ChemiHRP-A – enhanced luminol solution
    • ChemiHRP-B – stabilized peroxide solution
Catalog #Description
ChemiHRP-100100 mL (50 mL Part A and 50 mL Part B)
ChemiHRP-500500 mL (250 mL Part A and 250 mL Part B)
ChemiHRP-10001000 mL (500 mL Part A and 500 mL Part B)
ChemiHRP-DIL1000 mL Optional Diluent for Part A
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MOSS provides bulk manufacturing and bottling services ranging from 15mL to 2000 liters.
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