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Moss Liquid Stable Streptavidin-Phycoerythrin (SAPE) Conjugate


MOSS offers a diverse range of fluorescent and chemiluminescent conjugates, designed for various applications. With our expertise in bulk manufacturing, these conjugates are produced at scale, ensuring consistent quality and cost-effectiveness. MOSS conjugates deliver exceptional sensitivity and precision with minimal background, enabling accurate detection and analysis in diagnostics, research, and industrial processes.

Conjugation Kits

MOSS is your trusted source for conjugation kits, expertly crafted to prioritize reproducibility and consistency in your experiments. MOSS kits offer precise and reliable conjugation processes, enabling you to consistently achieve accurate results in diagnostics, research, and industrial applications. Count on us to empower your scientific endeavors with dependable and reproducible conjugation solutions.

Moss Liquid Stable Conjugation Kit
MossGuard-M HRP Stabilizing Diluent

Conjugate Diluents

MOSS conjugate diluents are formulated to prioritize the stability and safeguarding of conjugate reactivity. Each diluent is designed to protect the integrity of your conjugates, ensuring their sustained performance over time. Diluent formulations and colors are fully customizable.


MOSS has a lineup of precision-crafted assay buffers, formulated to enhance the accuracy and reliability of your diagnostic, research, or industrial applications. These buffers are the essential tools that guarantee optimal conditions for your assays, fostering precision and consistency. With a diverse range, each tailored to meet specific needs, MOSS is your trusted partner for precision in scientific endeavors.

Moss Liquid Stable Luminex Assay Buffers
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