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(NEW) MossGuard™ HRP Conjugate Stabilizing Diluents

Preserves the functional integrity and activity of horseradish peroxidase conjugated antibodies and other proteins at very dilute concentrations for long-term storage.


  • Store ready-to-use dilutions (1:1000 to 1:100,000) that maintain enzyme activity in the refrigerator. No aliquoting or freezing.
  • Multiple formulations with different stabilizing mechanisms to satisfy different enzyme/protein requirements.
  • Protein and BSA free formulations available to satisfy your specific background and assay requirements.
  • Stabilizes enzymes and control materials in ELISA/EIA, ELISpot, RIA, immunoblots and microarrays.
  • Less expensive than competitor formulations or ordering new HRP conjugates.
  • Customized formulation options and colors available
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MossGuard-M HRP Stabilizing Diluent
MossGuard-M HRP Stabilizing Diluent

Stabilizing diluent for HRP conjugates

VersionCatalog #Description
MossGuard Test PackMGP4A-001100mL of all 4 versions (M, T, S, D) of MossGuard
MossGuard-M (NEW) MGHRP0111000mL stabilizing HRP conjugate diluent (green)
MossGuard-T (NEW) MGHRP0221000mL stabilizing HRP conjugate diluent (orange)
MossGuard-S (NEW) MGHRP0331000mL stabilizing HRP conjugate diluent (amber)
MossGuard-D (NEW) MGHRP0441000mL stabilizing HRP conjugate diluent (red)
HRP diluentHRPD-100100mL HRP conjugate diluent
HRP diluentHRPD-500500mL HRP conjugate diluent
HRP diluentHRPD-10001000mL HRP conjugate diluent

Stabilizing diluent for PE conjugates

Catalog #Description
PECD-100100mL stabilizing diluent for PE conjugates
PECD-500500mL stabilizing diluent for PE conjugates
PECD-10001000mL stabilizing diluent for PE conjugates

Stabilizing diluent for AP conjugates

Catalog #Description
ALPD-100100mL stabilizing diluent for AP conjugates
ALPD-500500mL stabilizing diluent for AP conjugates
ALPD-10001000mL stabilizing diluent for AP conjugates
MOSS provides bulk manufacturing and bottling services of fills ranging from 15mL to 2000 liters.
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