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Standard Buffers

MOSS provides a range of standard assay buffers formulated for consistent performance. Our selection includes buffers optimized for various diagnostic, research, and industrial applications, offering reliability and precision in your assays.

Catalog #Description
WB002020 liters of 1XPBS (10mM), pH=7.4
WB002820 liters of 10X PBS (100mM), pH=7.4
WB002920 liters of 20X Wash Buffer

LX Buffers

Custom buffer solutions meticulously tailored for the Luminex platform. Our specialized buffers are precisely formulated to optimize assay performance, ensuring precise and reliable results for your multiplexed immunoassays, and facilitating your research and diagnostic endeavors.


  • All buffers contain 0.05% sodium azide and are 0.2µm filtered
  • Custom colored options available
  • Custom buffer formulation options available
Catalog #NameDescription
LXAB1LX Assay Buffer lPBS-based assay buffer containing 1% BSA for most routine multiplexed assay applications. Recommended for use as a diluent for Streptavidin-PE conjugates. Vivid green color to facilitate visualization in assays.
LXAB2LX Assay Buffer llAn alternate PBS-based assay buffer containing 0.2% BSA and higher detergent concentration than LX Assay Buffer l
LXDBPLX Dilution Buffer PSLX Dilution Buffer PS containing a proprietary mix of bacterial polysaccharides. When used as a sample diluent, this buffer may reduce non-specific signals in serology assays.
LXAB1GLX Dilution Buffer GGLX Assay Buffer l containing 5mg/ml goat IgG. Recommended for use as a diluent with goat-IgG-PE conjugates. Vivid blue color to facilitate visualization in assay wells.
LXHGFLX Detection Reagent HGLX Assay Buffer ll containing 1µg/ml Goat anti-Human IgG, F(ab')2-PE conjugate (GTIGF). For detection of human IgG in serology assays. Concentration of conjugate can be customized.
MOSS provides bulk manufacturing and bottling services ranging from 15mL to 2000 liters.
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