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New Products And Products In Development
MOSS Conjugation Kits!

MOSS-Link conjugation kits allow users to generate their own Liquid stable conjugates that are highly stable at working concentrations, can be customized and are fully scalable from 0.1mg to gram scale.

Each kit includes all reagents needed to conjugate required amount of IgG.

Kits available include:

MOSS-Link Biotin Labeling Kit (quickly generate highly reproducible biotinylated conjugates with a simple procedure)
MOSS-Link HRP Kit (for producing Horseradish Peroxidase conjugates)
MOSS-Link RPE Kit (for producing R-Phycoerythrin conjugates)

For additional information on our new MOSS-Link Conjugation Kits, contact us here.

Chemiluminescent Substrates

If you need additional details about our Chemiluminescent Substrates, please contact us here.

PE Conjugates

Many new conjugates are under development.  
Please see the latest list of available PE Conjugates on the MOSS Conjugates page.

View or download our PDF on MOSS Conjugates stability and performance data here.

If you need additional details about any of our conjugates, please contact us here.

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